If You're Looking to Buy or Sell:


As we age in today’s uncertain economy, more and more individuals are turning to real estate as an investment that will boost or enhance their income in retirement years.  The key to success is navigating through available properties to find those that match your short-term and long-term investment strategies. 


The Proud Crowd carefully listens to your goals and successfully matches first-time and experienced investors with the right property. Whether you’re looking to buy a rental house, a home to flip or multi-family units in Los Angeles to augment monthly income—we can help. Our clients have remarked on our excellent service and knowledge of the Los Angeles area.


We take great care in conducting our due diligence on a property prior to recommending it for investor review. When possible, we conduct a site visit with you and will point out pros and cons for your consideration. Additionally and most importantly, we will run the numbers with you to make sure that the property aligns with your overall real estate investment strategy. Upon purchase, we can assist with gathering resources to get your property ready to work for you and provide a project plan for completion.  


Some investors have hired us to oversee this process as well to ensure there are no unexpected delays. When it’s time to sell, we will market your property extensively to ensure that several offers are presented for your consideration. Your best interests will always be covered and we can also offer guidance on your 1031 exchange if needed.


Have any questions? Ask us anything or schedule a consultation.